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Jun 15

PP Woven Bags- How They Are Made

SAH polymers’s manufacturing process of woven PP bags is very robust. The process involves only virgin polypropylene resins and each bag which goes out into the market is tested for quality before being shipped.There is complete quality management process that is followed at every step of the manufacturing procedure.This is... read more →
Apr 20

Modern-day packaging solutions for modern-day products

Whether you studied marketing eons ago or recently, the four essential P’s of marketing have stayed their course, namely, product, price, promotion, and place. However, a few years ago, the marketing magnates included packaging as the 5th P of marketing. So, the marketing mix is now upgraded with a 5th... read more →
Mar 05
Feb 15

A deep dive into the working culture of Sah Polymers

At the pinnacle of Sah Polymers stands Mr Asad Daud, the Managing Director, a degree holder in Accounting and Finance from the incredibly prestigious London School of Economics. Accompanying Mr Asad Daud is Hakim S. Tidawala, the Vice-chairman, with over 25 years of industry experience. The company, over time, has... read more →
Feb 10

Safe and effective packaging solutions

The need and importance of packaging in different types of industries and for different types of products is but obvious and inevitable. What is most important is to use some effective as well as safe packaging materials so that the end-users may be able to get the products in an... read more →
Jan 11

Use and Price-Hike of PP by Various Industries

PP pr Polypropylene is a big market in US and as per current global scenario, PP is majorly used by the injection molding application. The reason of extensive use for this purpose is its quality that does not alter even after melting and molding. Polypropylene has a wide range of... read more →
Dec 30

Rise in Freight Carrier Charges during Pandemic

Pandemic is a difficult time for logistics and transportation. Many economic activities have been reduced during COVID-19 pandemic. The GDP of USA has been declined by 1.2 percent during this span of time in first quarter of 2020 that has risen up the unemployment by 14.7 percent in April not... read more →
Dec 15

Universal Usage of PP Woven Bags

PP Woven bags have brought about a revolution in the plastic industry. As of the 21st century, these bags have effectively taken over the entire plastic industry. Simply speaking, PP woven bags are made from a type of plastic known as the PP plastic. The creation of these bags takes... read more →
Nov 28

Why FIBC is Highly Effective

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) is formed from PP woven fabric. This is an industrial container that is suitable for storing and transporting products like fertilizers, sand, and plastic granules. FIBCs are made especially for bulk filling of these products. In the world of packaging and transportation, nothing can come... read more →
Nov 14